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Dear Sweetest Friend,

It’s been a hard while for you. I know that, and you obviously do too. Even in the cloud of mine, that doesn’t mean I don’t see your pain and feel it for you.

The hardest thing for me is seeing one of my dearest hearts suffer through it. Knowing that you don’t believe that you are worth it and deserve the best life has to offer, no matter what your head or your heart lie to you.

I’m here.

You’re amazing.

You deserve the world.

Don’t believe the lies constantly in your head.

Don’t let people make you think that you are nothing when you are everything to someone.

Keep going. Life doesn’t end with one mistake. With one bad day. With one bad patch.

Depression and life can be a bitch. But you can get punch them both in the face and smile.

You’re in repair. You may not be together, but you’re getting there. One step at a time.



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