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Are you mindful?

If there’s something I’ve learned lately, it’s stop setting things so far out to look forward to. That sounds silly, right? Especially for a girl who loves going to concerts and buys those tickets months in advance. But in the meanwhile, between today and my next big thing, everything lapses and I just look to the next big thing. And when that thing is worry and not even something fun, that sucks.

Being mindful of the place your in, in the minute you are in it is vital because living till the next big thing makes life get away from you without you knowing it. Until it’s too late.

For me it’s been little things. Getting sutures out (oh yeah, foot surgery). Science fair participation prize assembly. Seeing old and great friends. Family pictures and a blogger meet up in one (wheeeeeeeee!). Little things to look forward to one day at a time. It’s easier than only looking forward to a super fun concert in August. Or a possible exciting adventure to be revealed later this year (after my BFF brings it to fruition-ahem. No pressure, A.)

I’m very guilty of living for the future, or rather going on autopilot till the next big thing on the calendar (Maroon 5/BFF visit anyone?). But all that happens is you miss the world around you. Not even that, things as simple as getting someplace or eating my food. I can’t tell you the details of how those things happened and that is sad. And kind of scary.

Have you ever tried doing anything mindfully? It’s an interesting art I need to learn. Have you ever driven to work and realized that you didn’t notice anything on your way there, you just showed up? Clearly, that’s lack of mindfulness.

How do you become more mindful? Simple=you work hard at noticing.

That sounds silly, right? But then it becomes like second nature, sort of.

The next time you’re doing something like making a meal, eating one, being outside, be mindful.

Take in the sights around you. Really look at what you’re doing.

Hear the noises and things in your environment. Birds. Wind. The sound of the microwave or the gas burning on the stove.

Stop and smell the roses.

Touch. What are you feeling? Bread? A blade of grass? Your feet hitting the pavement as you run?

Taste the food in your mouth. I’m so guilty of scarfing my lunches that they’re gone before I know it. I eat because I have to and forget to enjoy it along the way.

This sounds ridiculous, but trust me. It’s something we need to do. Just try it one day. Slow down–says the girl who speed walks everywhere she goes.

Maybe being mindful will make us more self aware. Maybe it’ll make us more empathetic. Maybe we will notice those around us who need a little something more in the moment before it is gone.

Just live for the moment. Live IN the moment. Not for the next big thing. Life will pass you by and you won’t even realize where you’ve been.

morning with mom. Taking the time to sit with her and be silly as I got ready in the morning. One of the times I’m most guilty of rushing through the motions.

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